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test patternThis is a test, this is only a test. If this were a real emergency
you'd be waking up in a place known as the "Twilight Zone".


The "Back Story"

There's an ever increasing interest in Massurreal Art that's why I am dedicating a substantial part of my site to it.

I've been a Massurreal artist for 30+ years, although I wasn't sure how to classify my art. I met my dear friend, James Seehafer, by chance in Southern Connecticut. We got to talking and the topic soon changed to art. He said he does artwork, I said "I do too, but my stuff is generally considered weird". He said "mine too", and proceeded to tell me about a concept he was working on, called Massurealism.

Although I wasn't sure how to classify my art, James' description of Massurrealism suited me. My "weird" artwork, writings and photography now had a place. It turns out, there are lots of Massurrealist artists all over the world, and many I am pleased to have either met or spoken with.  (http://www.universityplazapress.com/excerpts1/cite1.html links to the second book, Three Essays About Massurrealism (International Edition)
by James Seehafer / Michael Morris / Philip Kocsis

Massurrealism Book excerpt 


The 1957 Chevy "Project Car"

1950 styled logo
The Project BEGINS...

 1957 Chevy Sedan