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In 2015, I had an exhibit at the Museum of Massurrealist Art. A slideshow of the exhibit is available for viewing. These include art pieces created for this exhibit over the 2 year period (2013-2014).


Description from The Museum For Massurrealist Art · March 1 2016

: Wide Asleep in 4K ::

The following 12 art pieces are the first set in the series :: Wide Asleep in 4K :: by the Artist Philip Kocsis, depicting Massurreal dreamlike images. Each image pays homage to the original Surrealist imagery using classical art and modern influences, and speaks to the “importance” of mass media’s influence on the way we as a society perceive what is important. In many cases our societal pressures are the opposite of what we as human beings need.

This mental disconnect between perceived needs and actual needs result in inspiration or despair. “Wide Asleep” is an apolitical look at the human condition combatting the daily avalanche of data and suggestion. Life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness, can be wonderfully funny or very tragic – it’s completely up to your interpretation.

The originals in this series are produced in Ultra HDTV format (4K), both in resolution and proportion. The artist uses many traditional art tools as well as incorporating computer art programs and digital photography.


1957 Bel Air Project

The '57 Bel Air was arguably the most beautiful sedan ever made.  The sedan and the station wagon, once a staple in every family's driveway, is being forgotten. I fear these objects d' art of Americana will only be found in the history books and antique car museums in the not too distant future. Today, automakers have placed their bets on the ubiquitous SUV, to the degree where it is becoming hard to find a new sedan or station wagon even if you wanted one. Long gone are the days where every manufacturer had signature styles and design cues that separated their cars from all others on the road.