Marketing Services

I officially closed the business in 2010, however I often work with small businesses on "special projects".  I always have 2-3 projects going at any given time, so feel free to contact me.

Source4all is the ideal marketing solution for your small to mid-sized company. We serve customers in Fairfield County and New Haven County, Connecticut. We are your in-house marketing department without the "in-house overhead" to your bottom line.

Web Sites, Electronic Brochures, Custom Web-Graphics and affordable hosting plans recommendation for every sized business from the sole proprietor to the fortune 500.

How we can help you:

  • Marketing Consultation and Brand Strategy.
  • Brochures, sales materials, in-store posters, P.O.P. large-scale graphics
  • 5, 15 and 30 second promotional video spots, YouTube video, product and location photography.
  • Print Ads, graphic design, digital (.pdf) brochures and more...


Make Source4all your "in-house" marketing department

Full Service Marketing :: Geared to Small Business
(Services listed below)



Branding - The difference that is "you"

Differentiating your business in today's market is no easy task. It takes consistency, a clear message,
and a thorough understanding that your "brand" is reflected in everything you (and your employees) do.

Brand Strategy is tied to every part of your business.







Branding "correctly" is critical, we can help at every stage:


Services include:

  • Brand Development and Positioning
  • Logo design
  • Advertisement Development
  • Corporate brand guideline development
  • Development of CRM objectives
  • Development of Sales Support Materials
  • Public Relations
  • "NEW" Company and product naming


Your corporate brand is the single most valuable asset your company owns (and you SPEND a ton of money trying to get your brand known), so why not do it right the first time? Source4all will show you how every part of your business can be used as a branding opportunity.


Branding and Differentiation


Web Design

A 24/7 Presence & Your Customers' First Impression

Your company's website must support your overall marketing and brand strategy. It is an
integral part of your corporate image, marketing to your customer, as well as an information
source to prospective customers.

Reviewing your website is the NUMBER ONE cited way prospective customers learn
about your company. Even before that first phone call, they've visited your
website. Your website is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is a great probability
that a prospect's first impression of your company is going to be based on what they find on the Internet.

  • Complete Website and Graphics Development
  • Assistance in developing a web strategy
  • Creation of META data to accurately index your site
  • Search Engine Optimization strategies
  • Training for employees to do the day-to-day site maintenance
  • Access Database back-end and ASP coding
  • Existing site "refresh", or, complete overhauls of "dated" sites
  • New Web Sites and affordable, full feature ASP.NET hosting packages
  • Custom Web-Graphics and logos
  • Website Marketing / Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Brochures




Printed Products

More than Fonts & Graphics

Print engages the senses. It’s tactile, it has weight, and colors “jump” from the page.

An effective print campaign is the keystone of your marketing effort. A well-crafted presentation piece achieves two important objectives: attracts attention and conveys information.

Print is comfortable in a way that Web or email can’t compare.

We will work with you to create eye-catching materials from economical one, two and four-color pamphlets to exotic full-color hex chrome (6-color process) pieces and advanced varnishing techniques.

  • Brochures and Sales Material
  • Custom Graphics and Logos
  • Flyers, brochures, and postcards
  • In store poster advertising and point of purchase displays (P.O.P.)
  • Corporate Identity and Branding
  • Mailing Strategy and Direct Mail Pieces
  • Print Ads, Business cards, Custom Letterhead and more...




Marketing Strategy Balloons

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy... A Confluence of Ideas

Many companies face similar business problems. We have intelligent business and creative people who bring innovative, cost-effective solutions to common marketing problems. We study the best practices of companies and trends and develop affordable, workable marketing ideas that can be implemented immediately and maintained. Continuity of your marketing effort is the key to success.

Services include:

  • Advertisement Development
  • Print and Video
  • Assistance in developing a marketing strategy
  • Brand Development and Positioning
  • Development of CRM objectives
  • Development of Multi-Channel Marketing Plan
  • Development of Sales Support Materials
  • Public Relations






Effective Advertising = Value + Trust

We’ll work hard to create an advertising plan that ties your marketing and branding strategies together into an influential, effective message. And, we'll help you squeeze every dollar of value out of your advertising budget – that's our promise. The Importance of Good Photography

Professionally photographed images of your products and services are essential to building trust with your customer. In a world where purchasing decisions are made while researching websites, poorly portrayed products are detrimental to your bottom line and confuse your customer. Don't let this happen to you.

Beautiful photography creates a mood while accurately displaying your offerings in your ads, creating desire, and getting the customer excited. Think of new cars, cosmetics and fashion industries, food, restaurants and resorts... every business relies on photography to reinforce their message.

Source4all Services:

  • Product photography - manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, web sales and catalogs
  • Location Photography - restaurants, bars, hotels, real estate, vacation destinations

Affordable Video Commercials - no, really!

Video is quickly becoming the media of choice for advertising. I can help you shoot product demos in HD. We can then render your video for whatever end-use you'll need - usually put on YouTube, then embedded on to your site. For those of you with sophisticated online stores, you can show product videos right on your store pages. Have a complicated product, we can shoot a "How to use our Product" series.

Imagination is the limit.


Make Source4all your "in-house" marketing department.